Lightning Fast Scientific Computing with Custom Silicon
Chirath Neranjena
Founder & CEO

Chirath is the founder and CEO of Vorticity Inc., a silicon valley VC funded startup developing the next generation of computer chips. Before Vorticity, Chirath worked at Google[X], the secretive advanced technology lab of Google known for tackling moonshot projects where he founded and led a “still in stealth” project in computation. Chirath received his BS in Aeronautical Engineering from Caltech and in his free time, he is an avid photographer, amateur musician, and a private pilot.

"It's not every day a company comes along that helps you realize you are stuck in a paradigm. Vorticity has jogged our thinking around the fundamentals of how we process our big data and have gotten us thinking about what more we could do by taking a different path." Nate Suurmeyer, ADVISOR-IN-RESIDENCE
As passionate engineers and scientists, we are well aware of many critical problems in the world that cannot be solved because we lack computing speed and power. So we developed a brand new chip architecture to speed up scientific computing capable of solving partial differential equations 105 (or 100,000) times faster than any state-of-the-art system. We are now deploying this technology to various exciting applications.