VertiShear’s technology makes it possible to extract hidden shear-wave seismic information from any vertical force source for both VSP and surface seismic studies, effectively reducing cost and time with shear-wave data usage.
Bob Hardage

PhD Physicist with 25 years of corporate oil & gas exploration experience, 27 years of academic research on VSP and Multi-Component seismology at The University of Texas’ Bureau of Economic Geology, developed 15 patents in seismic technology. Continuously testing, expanding, and proving VertiShear applications. Active consultant and educator.

J.L. Love

Entrepreneur with more than 30 years oil field experience as an Operator, Investor and Inventor. Personally holds numerous patents across several industries. Stepped in to help fund and assist Dr. Bob Hardage and The University of Texas obtain U.S. & international patents that became the basis of VertiShear.

Dan Roberts
Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing Executive with background in product development, licensing, project management, and legal contract negotiations. 11 years with Apple in their corporate field sales division implementing creative media and desktop publishing solutions with Fortune 100 accounts, 7 years developing manufacturer rep sales and distribution teams in Texas for entrepreneurial Orthopedic medical implant companies, and 5 yrs owning & operating several retail franchise companies in Austin.

If their tech works on a larger scale we could have a renaissance for onshore exploration, similar to the success in the 1980's in the DW GOM.
NATE, advisor-in-residence
VertiShear has the potential to disrupt onshore exploration with their shear-wave seismic processing technology which makes them a great company for SixLab. The founder/CTO Bob Hardage has deep expertise in exploration geophysics and has a patent on shear-wave processing technology that significantly reduces time/cost by 90% compared to the conventional method.