Rocktype is a mineralogy data and analysis company, specialized in the use of QEMSCAN automated petrography to characterize a wide range of lithologies and sample types.
Jenny Omma
Chief Geologist

Jenny is a reservoir quality geologist previously with BP, CASP and HM Research Associates. She has expertise in petroleum geology, sedimentology, diagenesis and sediment provenance analysis. At Rocktype Jenny heads the geological work programme, delivering a wide range of QEMSCAN based studies.

Henrik Omma
Managing Director

Henrik is an astrophysicist and information architect. He has a background in computational fluid dynamics, supercomputing and enterprise software. He is a co-founder of the Digital Freedom Foundation and was one of the original developers of the Ubuntu operating system at Canonical. At Rocktype, Henrik heads numerical analysis and technology development, focussed on bringing lean processes to geological sample analysis.

It would be really exciting if Rocktype could integrate their new data into geoscience workflow for subsurface characterization with AI/ML. They definitely have the technical expertise and disruptor mentality to create something interesting.
Rocktype is transforming a dataset that is currently largely inaccessible and mainly qualitative, into something that is digitally accessible in a quantitative format. The founder, Jenny Omma, has a disruptive mindset and SixLab believes she has the potential to create cutting-edge solutions with this new dataset.