Oseberg specializes in NLP technology for hydrocarbon exploration which helps to reduce legal risks and find new lease/drilling opportunities.
Evan Anderson

Father, oilman, entrepreneur that likes to do interesting things at the intersection of computer science and oil and gas, Evan is co-founder and Captain of the Oseberg crew. Outside of work, you may find him southpaw mountain biking, trail running, fly fishing, felling trees, rolling hills.

The fact that they appear mature and ready to operationalize their platform in a lower 48 setting is a big plus as it demonstrates their existing competence. I see an opportunity for Oseberg to develop by working on a wider and more unstructured dataset and expanding their horizons internationally.
Tom Sandison, SixLab Mentor
Oseberg’s NLP technology can significantly improve efficiencies in the O&G industry by unlocking insights from legal documents and other unstructured text-based assets. With a strong team consisting of former executives at IHS Markit and Enverus (Drillinginfo), they have successfully operationalized the NLP in the O&G industry and SixLab feels confident that they can expand their use cases to deliver significant value.