The AI Assistant for Search and Analytics
Sidd Gupa
Co-Founder, CEO

Sidd is a Petroleum Engineer with over 14 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. In the past, Sidd has worked in an onshore and offshore oilfield as a production engineer. He has also led the product management for a large software portfolio and has engineering experience in resource plays. A product person at heart, Sidd also is a self-described data nerd and a design enthusiast.

Seth Anderson
Co-Founder, CTO

Seth received his B.S in Computer Science from UT Austin and M.S from Georgia Tech specializing in interactive intelligence. After first jumping into the startup environment right after college, Seth later moved into large enterprise software focusing on web applications. He has helped build a wide variety of SaaS products around networking, commodity trading, telecommunications, and now Energy.

“One of the things that distinguish Nesh from other virtual assistants is their domain expertise and systems to discover and surface ‘known factual information’ when it’s determined to be useful. The Nesh Concept and Knowledge Graph is just one element of the answer.” - Leah Camilli, Advisor-in-Residence
Enterprises that work with a lot of unstructured data like documents, presentations, spreadsheets, emails, and webpages, and the existing search tools provide endless, irrelevant links and no real answers, Nesh is the solution for them. Nesh is an always learning, hyper-focused, domain-based search engine designed to find answers that matter. She can connect to publicly available or private data and allows users to have a natural conversation with it and lets them proceed with the confidence that they have the right information driving their strategy.