Geolumina is developing upstream AI with geologic intuition. Their approach puts interpretation at the core of each algorithm. Their first module classifies depositional systems to aid in exploration decision making.
David Thul
CEO, Co-Founder

David is an entrepreneurial geologist with experience spanning 50 basins in 15 countries. He was an early adopter of big data science for exploration projects and has been driving technology creation across the oil industry for a decade. His research and IP have been used by numerous companies and resulted in one patent for oil and gas technology.

Kali Blevins
CTO, Co-founder

Kali is an experienced Data Scientist having worked extensively with big data, computer programming, and machine learning in a variety of scientific fields. She has worked on national-scale research initiatives and business implementations of data science of all sizes. In addition to a Master’s of Science from Colorado School of Mines, Kali completed a certificate program in Data Analysis from the University of Texas At Austin.  

Stephen A. Hermeston
CDO, Co-founder

Stephen is an oil and gas executive with a broad geoscience and business background in domestic and international exploration and production. He has developed and led teams in exploration and development projects for Majors, Independents, TSXV and private equity companies.  Stephen has published on the regional settings and genesis of a number of oil and gas basins around the world, most recently with the Geological Society of London.

They are basically trying to predict away from log data in 3D which is quite exciting, but also not easy. A lofty goal but if it works, that would be super cool!
Ralph, SixLab Mentor
GeoLumina is taking a totally different strategy to exploration based on a spatial map-based approach. Founder David Thul is passionate about integrating new technologies, such as AI/ML to geology analysis and strongly believes that geologists can learn more about what signatures mean from a map view instead of log profiles. SixLab believes that GeoLumina has the potential to develop a deep learning model that can disrupt geology workflows.