EarthPeel is an early-stage company that is modernizing the way geoscientists access subsurface data through a globe-based data search and sharing platform.
Jeshurun Hembd

Jeshurun is a geoscientist with a passion for helping more people experience the excitement of exploring the subsurface. He worked for 9 years at CGG, leading seismic imaging projects for major oil companies, before starting EarthPeel in 2018.

Ananya Roy

Ananya loves visualizing data that tell a story. She has over a decade of experience working with subsurface data and began her EarthPeel journey after 9 years of leading seismic imaging projects at CGG.

EarthPeel solves an existing pain point in the sense that geographical data is best accessed through a map interface. I could even see an integration with our XCover website, where users can navigate projects, and inspect an initial set of data.
Ralph, SixLab Mentor
EarthPeel is building the next generation solution for searching and sharing geoscience data that includes a single point of entry, intuitive geo-location search, and fast cloudnative visualization. Its mission is to break away from antiquated map-based interfaces that geoscience platforms have been stuck in for the past 20+ years and introduce a modern interface that's easier and intuitive for geoscientists to use. XStarter believes that EarthPeel has the potential to transform how geoscientists access, compare and share subsurface data.