Seismic data deblending software
Alan Richardson

Alan has a degree in Theoretical Physics, a Master's in High Performance Computing, and a PhD in Geophysics. He has developed and published research on new methods for multiple seismic processing steps.

"My first reaction to Ausar's processing solutions, 'Yup, that's way better than how we do it.' We have some painful steps in data processing. Ausar is developing ways to circumvent these pain points and make final products consistent, cleaner." - Nate Suurmeyer, ADVISOR-IN-RESIDENCE
Ausar Geophysical is developing a tool to separate overlapping seismic shot records, a process known as deblending. It uses an inversion-based approach to give accurate results. Being able to overlap shots enables seismic data acquisition to be denser and more efficient. This results in higher quality seismic images at lower cost.