Accelerating Startups
in Energy Innovation

Powered by Shell, SixLab provides access to world-class mentorship, resources, and facilities to help shape the future of energy.

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SixLab by Studio X has a singular mission—to accelerate the pace of innovation in climate tech and energy transition.


Propel towards proof of concept or commercial pilot.
Prepare a go-to-market strategy.
Pitch your ideas to VCs and investors.
Provide value with exclusive products and services through our partners.

Who We Are

SixLab, a Studio X product, was created by Shell to foster new ways of working and promote innovation in energy. As a game changing pre-seed to seed accelerator, we aim to transform the energy industry by bringing together world-class startups and innovators with Shell’s talent, expertise, and resources.

WHat we do

With SixLab, you become a part of an ecosystem hyper-focused on bringing new ideas and technologies to life. If your idea has the potential to solve key energy industry pain points, we may bring you into the six month accelerator program to accelerate your path to a commercially viable product or service.


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