Global Incubator for
Energy Entrepreneurs

Powered by Shell, SixLab provides access to world-class mentorship, resources, and facilities to help shape the future of energy. We are accepting applications from entrepreneurs and startups on a rolling basis.


Who We Are

SixLab was created by Shell to foster new ways of working and promote innovation in energy. As a game-changing incubator, we aim to transform oil and gas by bringing together world-class startups and innovators with Shell’s talent, expertise, and resources.

Who We Are

With SixLab, you are becoming a part of an ecosystem hyper-focused on bringing new ideas and technologies to life. We will provide you with access to world-class mentoring, resources, and facilities to help shape and refine your ideas. If your idea has potential to solve key oil and gas industry pain points, we may bring you into our pilot program to accelerate your path to a commercial pilot.
Pilot Program
Online Community
Join our community to mingle with like-minded energy innovators online.
Pilot Program
Mentor & VC network
Connect with top mentors and VCs through our master contact list.
Pilot Program
Resources and Perks
Access cloud computing credit and vendor discounts through our partners.
Pilot Program
Guides and Templates
Learn everything you need to know to take your ideas from 0 to successful exit.
Pilot Program
State-of-the-art Studio
Get shared access to our coworking studios.
Pilot Program
Dedicated Advisors
Receive valuable feedback from our advisors on a regular basis.
Pilot Program
Mentoring & Social Events
Join our mentoring and social events to learn new skills and widen your network.
Pilot Program
Pilot Proposal Support
Showcase your pilot idea every quarter and get help with proposal and procurement processes.
Pilot Program
Dedicated Workspace
Assigned workspace in our state-of-the-art studio in Austin, Texas. COVID-19 guidelines and travel restrictions permitting.
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Pilot Program
“SixLab is focused on an energy tech community that is driving new ways of doing traditional work. This doesn’t exist anywhere else.”
Jenny Omma
Chief Geologist,
Pilot Program
“I’d like to see the O&G industry pull in a lot of new techniques from other industries that have gone through the digital transformation. We are focused on disruption.”
Nathan Suurmeyer
Pilot Program
“I’d like to take everything we worked on for decades and turn it on its head. Really break up all biases in exploration and bring new ideas.”
50+ Mentors
Access our global network of supermajor and extra-industry mentors. Our mentors are selected for their relevant expertise to inspire and inform our startups and innovators.

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